Facilities & Infrastructure


The heart of every school is the school library. The school library is state-of-the-art and can prove to be an avid reader’s favourite get away. The school library boasts of more than 4000 books catering to the taste of different types of readers. The school library is fully automised and digitised that ensures quick issue if books to the students for study and reading. The library is spacious and air-conditioned and is cool and comfortable at all times. The almirahs and bookracks are so artistically arranged that they are a feast to the eyes. The library has been meticulously sorted into divisions which makes the search for a book very easy. Apart from books, all leading magazines and new arrivals in literature find their way into the library.

School LABS

The school has a well-equipped science laboratory with all facilities needed for the proper conduction of practicals and demonstrations. There is proper, 24 hours water supply in the laboratory. The glassware, chemicals, equipments like spring balance, microscopes, meter guage, voltmeters, ammeters, models are all available for the children to try out each and every activity given in their books and to learn by doing.

The spacious computer laboratory boasts of 20 computers with all the necessary accessories and assemblies which are maintained from time to time. The children learn in a fun-filled way and know how to handle a computer well.


The medical centre of the RGPPL also catering to the students of BBPS is air-conditioned with 24 hours availability of medical aid. There are 2 doctors who are always ready to give their expert care as and when required. Hospitalization facilities are also available if the need arises.


Facilities for Curricular activities include spacious classrooms, well stocked library, well equipped laboratories and with Smart Boards in all the classrooms.
For Sports activities, the school has a massive playground catering to Cricket, Volleyball, Tennis , and Football. Indoor activities such as Table Tennis and Badminton are available.